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Hydraulic Hinge

Hydraulic hinge has non-hold hinge and hold-open hinge,both are can be self close.

Each pair of Applause Glass Hinge consists of one damping hinge and one closing hinge, only damping hinge is adjustable at closing speed.To ensure the best performance, Damping Hinge should always be installed below the Closing Hinge.

Precaution: Be careful not to loosen off the adjustment screw too far as this will render the hinge inoperable.
Warranties will also be void if screw is loosened too far.

Hydraulic Hinge

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shower hinge glass to glass fixing 180 degree
Model: EK202.07
Min. Order: 10 piece
Unit Price: US $ 72.5 / piece
this shower hinge is self closing hydraulic hinge.
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glass to glass fixing hold-open 180 degree hydraulic hinge
Model: EK202.01
Min. Order: 10 piece
Unit Price: US $ 78 / piece
this glass door hydraulic hinge can make door self-closes when reached to closing angle 85 degree.
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