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Fence Hardware

Choosing the right glass spigots for completing your frameless glass panels is essential as part of your swim pool.Made of stainless steel, the material is absolutely anti-corrosion and weather resistant, which made our glass spigots to last for years. Our glass spigot is designed to grip a glass panel using a friction system with the rubber sleeves, so the main job you will have to do is to mount the spigot to a solid level surface.It can be no-holes on glass,for 8-12mm thickness glass,can be round spigot or square one.It can be core drill spigot or deck mount one.

Latch which has standard latch,stainless steel latch and lockable latch,also has glass to glass type,glass to wall type,glass to post type,it has one magnetic brick in latch so the gate can self close,latch is ultimate solution to prevent small children from opening pool gates to access a swimming pool.

EKOO's self-closing hinge can hold 30-40KG glass.

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