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deck mount spigot

deck mount spigot

DIY Instructions – Deck Mount Option:

1. Mark out your post positions. 2. place the mini posts under the string line.
3. Pre-drill and secure the mini posts. 4. Secure cover plates to the mini posts.
5. Secure Gaskets and Plates. 6. Insert the spacers and glass panels.
7. Check the panel is level. 8. Secure the glass panels.
9. Install the other glass panels. 10. Install the hinges.
11. Install the gate panel. 12. Install the hinges into the door panel
13. Install the first part of the door latch. 14. Attach the second part of the latch
15. Tension the hinges. 16. Place the caps on the hinges

For details please e mail to us. Step back and enjoy your new EKOO Fully Frameless Glass Fence.
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