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core drill spigot

core drill spigot
1.worked out panel sizes and gaps, chalk line and string out your fence line.
2.mark out on your chalked fence line where the edge of the glass panels start and stop, remembering to include your gaps between each panel and gates.
3.fence layout marked out,pencil to mark the position of the spigots for drilling.
4.Using a 75mm core drill, core your holes to a depth of approx 120-150mm deep. Remove the core from the hole and sponge out the water from the holes.
5.Attach the spigots to the glass panels.
6.set down timber chocks. Position them just inside the outer edges of each panel of glass.
7.Position the dress rings over the cored holes. Then lift the panel and gently lower each spigot through the dress ring, into the core.
8.Using a spirit lever now begin to shim either end of the glass and chocks to achieve a straight level across the top edge of the glass. To make sure the glass panel is in the correct position referring to your markings on your fence line.
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